I understand this is a big decision. Not just financially investing in your health, but taking this time now to commit to yourself. We are good care takers of others - of our family members, friends, co-workers, clients and sometimes even strangers! It’s nice to care for others and in return, you enjoy a sense of accomplishment, purpose and often times love. What if you took a moment and considered what it would look like to take the next step on your health journey. Allow me to be your partner in your self-care and in return you gain knowledge, a greater sense of well-being, and confidence that can serve you for years beyond our time together. If you are not certain there is power to change, check out the testimonials of those that did the work and found their milestones of success! You have nothing to lose by registering for your free call today!



After our 15-minute complimentary get-to-know call, we will both be able to determine if we are a good fit and what consultation package is best for you. If you are seeking significant dietary shifts, food education and changing habits, it is best to register for the 4 or 6 session packages. If you are just looking for a check-in, recommendations and support, try just a one hour session with me!


The one hour session can be as simple as a check-in call. This is best designed for someone already on their health journey, is confident in their daily meals, but looking for specific advice, additional education on a health topic or is feeling stuck in a rut and is seeking inspiration. There is a second option for a one hour session which includes a 5-Day Meal plan. This would be next level up and just the right boost to get back-on-track.


As mentioned above, I have many clients with ongoing challenges with meal planning (for self and family), health concerns, weight-loss goals, and/or sleep, stress or exercise needs. This is more of a whole body approach that does benefit from multiple sessions together. I wish all the answers were black and white and we could flip a switch on health. However, I have found that there is a process of small steps, achievable goals, tackling highest priorities and working down the line of lifestyle changes to bring it all together. This does take time and a partnership. If this sounds like what you need, consider a 4 or 6 session package below.

Start your wellness journey today!

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