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Happy 2019🎉 - Favorite Finds and Giveaway inside!!

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

G I V E A W A Y ! ! ! ! !

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019, your new adventures await! The countdown is on to the 21-Day Cleanse, which begins January 9th. If you are on the fence, let's play a giveaway game!

First though, as I reflect on 2018, I felt inspired to share some of my favorite finds that have either taught me, simplified my life or enhanced my health. As my husband would say, "Secrets, secrets are no fun, secrets, secrets hurt someone," (if you know him, you can hear him singing this in your head, 😂)!

So here I spill the beans and GIVEAWAY! I wish this was Oprah style, but remember, I am a start-up business. That being said, I do have my #1 favorite up for grabs - HERBIVORE ORCHID FACIAL OIL ($64 value). This is like liquid gold. Two easy steps to enter yourself into the drawing:

  • STEP 1: Register for the 21-DAY CLEANSE today, January 1st, through tomorrow, January 2nd.

  • STEP 2: AND, head over to my Instagram page and share your #1 wellness goal for 2019 under the giveaway post.

Easy, right?! Nothing to loose and a whole lot to gain!

For those who committed to the 21-Day Cleanse in 2018 and are pre-registered, you don't miss out! Step 1 is done for you! To complete your entry, simply complete Step 2 and inspire us all with your 2019 wellness goal.

The winner will be announced on my Instagram page on January 3rd and your wonderful prize will be waiting for you at our first cleanse meeting on January 9th.

Now, on to my secrets revealed...

P.S. Not one item below is endorsed or sponsored. These are items that I personally love and have served me well in 2018.



I love this product for its amazing floral scent and how hydrating it has been for my skin (especially during these colder months). Enter to win this facial oil by registering for the 21-Day Cleanse and sharing your #1 2019 wellness goal under the giveaway Instagram post!


Removing the toxins from my home is surprisingly overwhelming. To handle it with ease, I take it one step at a time! This cloth has become my savior to make surfaces shine and remove bacteria without the toxic chemicals. If you love too, my lovely friend Amanda Seng is a consultant, shop with her!


This is a little DIY project, but pays dividends. I keep rosemary, sage and thyme growing in my house and use in my cooking throughout the week. The little herb packets at the grocery store are expensive and tend to go bad fast. This inexpensive and easy to maintain beauty sits next to me at my desk and smells amazing!


My efforts to reduce toxic exposure must include make-up products. I teach 6:30am yoga classes twice a week and no matter what time I go to bed, the early wake-up requires under eye makeup! Love this product and if you do too, my sweet friend Carrie Rhodes is a representative, shop with her!


My eyelashes have always been stubborn, thin, straight and short. After may toxic attempts to have beautiful, long lashes, this has been the key that worked for me. I have been using organic castor oil most of 2018 and found my lashes to be longer and stronger! I apply from the root to ends overnight and wash off in the morning. Safe and simple!


Most mornings I fill up my water bottle with fresh lemon juice, warm water and a scoop or two of marine collagen. It is tasteless and full of amino acids supportive to joint, skin and bone health. I personally believe it also gives me a boost of energy for early morning yoga.


My quest for learning never seems to end and this book has become a trusted source. The science of food and how it interacts with the body on a cellular level fascinates me. I believe it makes me a better wife, mom and teacher. I do not teach dietary dogma, so look a bit past the title and prepare to learn. I even travel with this 5 pound book! Dr. Sarah Ballantyne's podcast, The Paleo View is wonderful as well.


Is it just mine, or is this shoe all over social media feeds? Either way, if you have not heard of these lovely flats, they are really quite amazing. It was one of my sister's favorite finds and she got me hooked. I find Rothy's to be insanely comfortable and classy. Bonus, they are washable and look cute with leggings. Life made just a little easier.


This one is a more recent favorite find, I received it for Christmas! However, I use just about everyday and am pretty obsessed. The brand I have is Staub. I really do not know how much the brand matters, but this one cooks food evenly, is non-stick with a little oil and is not ridiculously heavy!


These glasses are sold by Felix Grey. They help reduce the eye exposure to blue light from screens, helpful for a better nights sleep and reduce eye strain when at the computer. Mine do not have a prescription, but I do sleep better and feel very smart when wearing them


If you have favorites that have served you well, please share in the comments below!! Happy 2019!

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