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I live in Cranford, NJ. I am married to a man who is thee kindest human I have ever known. I have 3 children...well, not children anymore...Isabella almost 22, Nick 19, Sofia almost 14 (ok, she is still young!) My older kids are fiercely independent. My oldest is going to be a Senior and already has a career in her chosen field. My son is not quite sure what he will be doing but is thrilled to have a single dorm room next year! My youngest is a talented writer, musician and rider. I strive to have a deeper relationship with all my kids in an age where I see their faces in a device constantly. I also have 2 shedding Golden Doodles whom I cherish, love and adore who I am always cleaning up after. I have worked as a CSA Director/Events Coordinator/ Veggie Cheerleader at a farm .25 miles from my home. I want to be a better person for my CSA members. I want to be consistent in diet and exercise, I am MOSTLY. I love hot yoga. I love to run. Many time I like running and yoga only when I have finished practicing and or running. If only I could find a partner that would want to wake up at 5am most days maybe 4 or 5 per week, I honestly feel that could help ANYONE stay the course because I feel how you start your day is how you set your day! Any takers!? I am grateful to Jenn for doing this. I am also a certified Reiki 2 practicioner. I was going to become a YIN yoga teacher but COVID got in the way!

Dawn M Salerno
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