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Power Yoga is a passion.  It's a balance of strength, grace, release and discipline.  It is work, but it can be fun and that is my goal in every single class. To leave others feeling stronger, lighter, and clearer!


Health is everything, literally. Without it, everything else in life is dulled and less enjoyable.  It's like living in black and white.  Allow me to help you bring back your color, joy and vibrancy.


I loved EVERY minute of Jenn Harte's 21-Day Group Cleanse. I am so grateful for her knowledge, passion and encouragement. Not only did I learn invaluable information, but I was able to successfully achieve my goals. Feeling lighter and brighter! So thankful to be back on track as a result of Jenn's support and expertise!



I did not realize how much unhealthy food I was actually eating, especially when I eat more vegetable-focused meals than my friends. This elimination cleanse helped me to realize how much sugar, bread, and cheese I was actually eating. Over the 21 days I would compare my food choices with what I typically prepared or ordered and was surprised at how frequently I did not choose what was best for me. I believe the nutritional explanations Jenn gave were very influential in my ability to stick to the cleanse. It was so much more powerful to know what is going on inside my body when I eat a given food, good or bad, than to hear, “don’t eat this and you will be skinny.”



Jenn is a wealth of knowledge and has found a way to make it easy and fun to explore what most people would consider pretty complicated information on biology and food.  Her cleanses are an eye opener.  You will never look at food the same and that is a good thing.



I have known Jenn since 2004 when we worked together in the Accounting and Auditing department of Cohen and Company. Jenn was, and still is, highly respected by her peers.  Since our accounting days, Jenn and I have realigned with one another in the world of nutrition and yoga. Jenn has lead several cleanse and detox programs at Cleveland Yoga, of which I have attended six of her programs over the last five-six years.  Jenn’s knowledge of how food effects peoples life’s and their health is nothing short of amazing.  Jenn is passionate about sharing her knowledge and at the same time understands that not all “diets” work for all people.  All of the cleanse and detox programs that Jenn has lead have been truly inspirational and I (as I’m sure many others) believe wholeheartedly in Jenn and her expertise, professionalism, passion and love.  And lucky for me and everyone Jenn touches, it doesn’t stop with nutrition…..Jenn’s yoga classes are amazing and beautiful.  Her instruction is clear and concise.  Jenn’s hands on assists have allowed me to experience new levels in my yoga practice.  Her classes are challenging while still providing the opportunity to modify poses to accommodate students’ individual practice.  I’m so grateful to have Jenn in my life as a coach, teacher, and a very special friend.   



As a long time student of Jenn's I have had the privilege of participating in her yoga classes & her cleanses (2x's!).  She has inspired me immensely in both my yoga practice & my dietary lifestyle.  Jenn is a wealth of knowledge AND experience.  She's is genuine, supportive, encouraging & most of all non-judgemental.  Jenn meets you where you are & offers a helping hand to guide you to your next level!"



Jenn's passion for nutrition is palpable, and her cleanses are delivered with grace and intention.  Every time I participate, I learn something new about myself and my relationship with food.  I am looking forward to the next one!



A little over eight years ago I was frustrated, in pain, and for the first time starting to feel my age.   My normal workout routines were no longer working for me and my poor nutrition habits were starting to catch up.  Something needed to change.  I walked into a yoga studio for the first time and was fortunate to have Jenn Harte as my first instructor.  Today I am healthy, strong, and feel 20 years younger.  Thank you Jenn for what you have done for me physically through yoga and teaching me how to live a better life style.



Before this cleanse I was trying to go vegetarian in a healthy way; I felt overwhelmed and under nourished. After the cleanse 90% of my lifestyle is now cleanse friendly… but it doesn’t feel like a cleanse, it is just my lifestyle now. The 21-Day Cleanse was AMAZING and life fulfilling. It wasn’t about a 21-day diet, it was a 21-day journey of learning more about your body and what you put in it and how to care for it. Jenn is amazing and such a wonderful knowledge sharer and positive partner along the way (not rule driven or forceful). To me it felt like Jenn was paying it forward and sharing her knowledge with us and then in return the cleanse group shared with each other and our loved ones. Even people at work asked me questions on the snacks I was eating or the green juice I was drinking. Nutrition and taking care of our bodies can be overwhelming but one of the things I took away from this cleanse was no one is perfect and this is a journey to learn what is right for you and your body. We will all stumble on the way and get lost (and email Jenn for some guidance even after the cleanse) but through it all we are learning how to care for our bodies.



Are you ready now?

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