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Chapter 2 - Fast Forward 5 years

If you are wondering why fast forward 5 years - read my first blog post Living the Life you Love.

Let me first begin by saying WELCOME and THANK-YOU! I am honored you are on my site and made it to my blog! It was an insightful process re-reading and re-posting the blog above from 2013. I feel like a totally different person. Before I get into that, let me recap all that has happen and how I got here!

My core philosophies of living a live you love are still very alive and present; and because of that, life continues to change and evolve. Many things in life run their course and eventually we hit a wall with something we are doing. We realize the growth has halted, the days become less fulfilling, and the future view is not exciting if something doesn't shift. It's kind of like being stuck in mud and takes a little force to step out, leave the muddy boots behind, and start fresh.

In December of 2016 I stepped down as the Director of Operations of Cleveland Yoga, and maintained minimal managerial work - see I couldn't totally detach (granted I still taught yoga and continue to do so). In February of 2017 I started the Nutrition Consulting program at Bauman College and was thrilled to be focusing again on the study of nutrition. I didn't quite know where it was going to land me, but I knew that I was taking action towards something - stepping forward.

You all know "job creep," when the little tasks are slowly added back on your job description and things start taking more and more time. It's very natural and took me a bit to see it. However, come spring of 2018, I saw it like a tsunami coming my way as the studio was going through some changes. I think it was the universe's way of saying, "Jenn, it's time to let go now!" So I did. Of course, every step forward feels like a step backwards when it comes to the finances. However, at this point, I had to have faith that it would all work out as long as I continued to work hard.

Where I stand today is a graduated Nutrition Consultant, 100% self-employed and loving every minute of it! Hopefully you can see that I poured all that I have into this website and my offerings. Every day I think of new ideas too! On top of it all, I get to still spend so much time with Paxton, now 7 and husband Brad. It's been a journey and making progress everyday!

NOW, back to how I feel different from 5 years ago. After reading that last blog post, I recall the emotional uncertainty, the doubt in my ability to write, be heard and understood. As I write this, I have actually very little doubt and quite confident! That's a SHIFT! Really though I think it boils down to: I am who I am. My desire is to serve you all and offer you fabulous nutritional information, recipes, and inspiration; but, my community is one that I connect with on a real level. If I don't offer enough pizazz, flash, gimmicks or fancy things that will attract you, then I am probably not the person to follow, ha! No smoke and mirrors here!

So, I will continue to be authentic, try hard to stay current and informative, and answer your questions to the best of my ability. I hope to be a resource of support, kindness, and someone you can count on (I am a virgo, so I can't help it)!

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